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Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Trooper for iPhone 6s Plus: Leave the wallet behind while surviving drops

Thanks to my role here at ZDNet, I get the opportunity to test out a ton of mobile devices and accessories. The first case brand I look to when buying a new phone is Urban Armor Gear (UAG). Every single person I have recommended these cases to has been happy and I have yet to be disappointed with the performance of these protective cases.
As a daily train commuter working in downtown Seattle, I carry a transit pass, office access card, driver’s license, and debit card (not yet supported by Apple Pay). My wallet gets put into a coat or pants pocket about once a month that ends up being left behind during my daily commute. I then need to purchase a daily transit pass and call someone at the office to let me in. My phone is always with me, but my vital cards are not.

I’ve tried other wallet cases in the past, but the open top, folding folio design, or other feature always resulted in my leaving the case behind as I slipped my iPhone into an attractive UAG Composite case. When I saw Urban Armor Gear announce its UAG Trooper card case for the iPhone 6s Plus, I knew I had to take it for a test drive.

UAG sent along its rust (orange) and black models for me to test out and I am very pleased to say that these cases lived up to the hype and are my absolute favorite iPhone 6/6s Plus cases currently available today. These cases are also available for the iPhone 6/6s for $5 less than the 6/6s Plus variants. The iPhone 6/6s Plus cases are $44.95 and are available in rust (orange), black, and white.

These new UAG Trooper cases are very similar to the Composite line, check out my image gallery with a couple of comparison images, with the soft rubberized top and bottom, oversized tactile buttons, hard protective outer shell, and easy port access. The key addition is a bit of thickness to accommodate up to four cards accessible via a secure locking back door.

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