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T-Mobile BlackBerry Priv: Second look reveals keyboard and Hub are compelling

Back in November I had the chance to take the AT&T BlackBerry Priv for a spin and was very disappointed in the hardware quality and sub-par BlackBerry Hub experience.

T-Mobile just released the BlackBerry Priv and the enthusiastic Des Smith sent me one to test out for a couple weeks. Thanks to software updates over the last couple months, a deeper dive with the Priv serving as my primary smartphone for a week, and a much more solid piece of hardware, I’m considering a swap from my Passport to the Priv.
One of my biggest disappointments with the first Priv I tested was the functionality of the BlackBerry Hub. As I have stated many times in my Passport articles, the Hub is one of the primary reasons to use a BB10 OS device. I’m not sure if I had set it up incorrectly or if some of these software updates since the Priv release fixed the issues I saw back in November, but the BlackBerry Hub on the Priv is now functioning much like we see on BB10 and I couldn’t be any happier.

If you recall, I couldn’t even get my Gmail account added to the Hub on that first Priv so there were definitely issues back in November.

The BlackBerry Hub on Android serves as a fantastic central communications utility and I only found issues with Facebook and Twitter. These connections take you out to the apps with a couple back button presses needed to get back to the Hub. Other connections keep you in the Hub and it is wonderful to color code the different services and then quickly manage communications right from the Hub.

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