Our trainers

Manda Watt


Manda grew up in Nova Scotia where sport and physical activity has always been a fundamental part of her life. She took her interest and passion for sport and exercise further by completing a Kinesiology degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. After earning a BSc in Kinesiology, Manda moved to the United States to receive her teaching certification in physical education at the University of Maine in Presque Isle. She has taught at the high school level for three and half years, while working part time at Shock Conditioning where she was a personal trainer and instructed boot camps and yoga classes. Manda fell in love with everything the Okanagan has to offer and her visit inspired Manda to follow her heart and make the move to BC over two years ago. She is delighted to be part of TWP team. She enjoys sharing her energy and enthusiasm for active living with all of her students and clients. She loves to provide a challenge for clients and see them reach all of their goals and aspirations.

Ashley Colar


“While being brought up in Kelowna, I was always taught how important active living was. My parents made sure that growing up I always played on an assortment of sports teams including Volleyball, basketball, soccer and track and field. As I got older, I decided to follow my passions and became certified through BCRPA in Fitness Theory, Weight Training, Personal Training and Group Fitness … and have never looked back ! Looking ahead to my work at TWP, I am very excited to show women how much fun living an active and healthy lifestyle can be, and how functional training can be so effective in your everyday life. Even today my hobbies include playing soccer, golf, volleyball, tennis and squash.”

Sarah Madeley


Sarah is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and personal trainer. She has always been passionate with fitness as she grew up playing many sports and has been personal training for 7 years. Her focus is to empower people to take their health in their own hands, to look at their relationship with food and how it can influence energy, hormone issues, and weight problems. Sarah was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at age 13, she was told it would be a life battle to stabilize her thyroid and would have weight, energy and hormonal issues. After moving out west in 2012 she realized that she needed to take responsibility for her body and what was happening. At age 25 she was diagnosed with an Auto-immune issue, Hashimoto’s Disease. Two years later, she is improving her thyroid, hormonal issues, weight issues and energy levels mainly through certain food and lifestyle changes. The power of food is extraordinary, power to heal. Sarah’s goal is to empower people to see how bodies want to be in balance. Through studying the body’s systems, she is able to use signs and symptoms to find imbalances and through food, lifestyle and emotional support re-balance these systems.