Red Colorful Apartments Under 75 Square Meters

Have you ever decorated with vibrant primaries? They’re so much fun but they’re a little tricky to get right, especially within the context of a small apartment where there’s very little room to hide the details that don’t quite flow. Primary colors are bold, showy, and impossible to ignore wherever they’re used. This post examines two compact apartments with primary colors, each approaching the challenge in a different way. The first makes a statement with straightforward fire-engine red accents, and the second uses a cerulean blue interior theme to make its secondary colors pop.


First, let’s look at a home that packs tremendous character into a modest yet versatile 56 square meters. Nika Vorotyntseva designed this apartment for a young woman who lives in the city. Energetic red accents ensure the home’s unique personality speaks out through every detail. The color theme is mostly uniform all the way across, with just a few dashes of secondary accents employed in surprising places. Red is a rare interior theme because it’s difficult to work with, but this apartment makes it look like a breeze.


Chevron stripes, zigzags, and diamond patterns give this otherwise minimalist space an extra spark of liveliness. Geometric patterns serve as a counterbalance to the bold red details used throughout this simple and streamlined home.stylish-red-and-concrete-apartment

Furniture arrangements remain simple, but the composition is incredibly detailed and well planned. This space offers useful inspiration for those who cannot hang artwork on the walls because of material and rental concerns.


Red accents do more than just add excitement to the interior theme – they also help draw attention to distinctive features. There’s no specific reason to have an interior wall here, but the red paint makes this door an irresistible focal point.


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