Ideas For White And Wood Dining Rooms

The dining table is more than just a place to sit down and take in a meal. It’s the place where families can relate their daily stories and struggles, where best friends laugh over fond memories, where a person can sit quietly in the morning to reflect over a cup of hot coffee. It’s one of the most treasured parts of any home – a comfortable dining room design is nourishing for the stomach and the soul alike. This post examines 25 dining rooms decorated in white and wood, the simple materials and straightforward design allowing those special moments to take center stage.


Minimalistic open shelves and light wood cabinetry provide a subdued backdrop, split by a luminous backsplash. To the right, a charming print adds irresistible charm and personality – and provides a colorful focal point where the eye can rest.


White walls and cabinetry allow the dining arrangement to stand out with emphasis, the natural wood of the simple table and iconic Wishbone chairs serving as a strong contrast to the minimalistic materials used throughout.


Here’s another dining room featuring Wishbone chairs. This one seems distinctively influenced by Scandinavian design, outfitted with honest materials and charismatically eclectic decor. Distressed white floors and traditional cabinetry seem to tell a story of their own.


Multiple types of wood give this dining room a layered and complex aesthetic. Note the vintage-style folding chairs – easy to store away when the residents desire a little extra floor space for entertaining.


Extremely warm and inviting – this space uses a finish that brings out the yellow tones in the wood floors and cabinets. The chairs are from the “About a Chair” collection by Hee Welling and the lights above the table are a pair of Heracleum II pendants by Bertjan Pot.


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