Blue Colorful Apartments Under 75 Square Meters

At 67 square meters, this blue apartment (also by Nika Vorotyntseva) enjoys a distinctive layout that wraps around a central volume. Despite the fact that adding interior walls can make a home feel smaller, this apartment uses its sunny windows and bright contrasting colors for a more spacious and energetic effect. It’s not a small apartment by any means – and it’s hard to find a space with a bigger personality than this one.


The architectural details are impossible to ignore. Notice the exposed pipe attached to the table to the left, with its orange paint and matching chair creating a powerful balance to the expanse of blue to the right.


The kitchen, on the other hand, remains relatively low-key and simple. Here the blue accents seem to invoke a streamlined Scandinavian vibe. The open shelves are a shared feature, offering decorative effect for the living room while displaying useful tools for the kitchen.


One purpose of the central volume reveals itself with this guarded peek into the bathroom. Pale yellow contrasts against the blue exterior yet embraces the orange accents nearby.



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