4 Unique Staircase Designs To Take Center Stage In Your Home

Custom open-wall staircases are fast becoming a favorite feature of ultramodern interiors, the sharp engineering and artful construction bringing beauty to an otherwise utilitarian feature of the home. They can serve as interactive sculptures or as beloved pieces of furniture in their own right. This post features 25 unique staircases that push the boundaries and demonstrate inspiring creativity, ranging from interior architecture masterpieces to functional ideas you’ll want to try at home. Are you one of those lucky enough to be unbound from walled-in stairwells? You just might find your next source of stair inspiration right here.


First, let’s start with one of the most popular styles, commonly referred to as a single-stringer or floating stairs. This staircase wraps around to the glass-floored mezzanine level, its light wood treads ensuring the staircase accentuates the simple interior design.


The classic bookshelf and staircase combination is a timeless favorite. This one is for a children’s play area. Note the open-bottom design to accommodate the child’s cars like little garages – so cute! The open-bottom design might work well as a sanitary way to store outside shoes too.


Bubbled glass and ripple wall tiles create a decorative backdrop for these bold concrete stairs. Both lightweight patterns emphasize the visual weight of the treads in contrast to their gravity-defying cantilever arrangement.


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