Large Wall Art For Living Rooms: Ideas & Inspiration

What happens when artwork takes center stage in a home? Rather than adding art as an afterthought, even a single favored piece can easily serve as a perfect anchor for the rest of the room. The following images explore a variety of ways to make home artwork serve as more than just a focal point, […]

Scandinavian Bedrooms: Ideas And Inspiration

Waking up in a dark room can feel relaxing at times, but subdued palettes seem to lack that energizing factor that really gets the body moving. This post features bright white Scandinavian-inspired bedrooms filled with versatile design ideas you can implement right at home. Each one is tailored to make the most of the early […]

Playful Ways To Brighten Neutral Color Themes

Neutral color palettes are among the most flexible out there. They’re easy to adapt to changing trends, they allow for colorful experimentation options, and they work well to emphasize the artwork or accents you want visitors to notice and enjoy. But perhaps the best part is the atmosphere they create – neutral interiors can be […]

4 Unique Staircase Designs To Take Center Stage In Your Home

Custom open-wall staircases are fast becoming a favorite feature of ultramodern interiors, the sharp engineering and artful construction bringing beauty to an otherwise utilitarian feature of the home. They can serve as interactive sculptures or as beloved pieces of furniture in their own right. This post features 25 unique staircases that push the boundaries and […]

Blue Colorful Apartments Under 75 Square Meters

At 67 square meters, this blue apartment (also by Nika Vorotyntseva) enjoys a distinctive layout that wraps around a central volume. Despite the fact that adding interior walls can make a home feel smaller, this apartment uses its sunny windows and bright contrasting colors for a more spacious and energetic effect. It’s not a small […]

Red Colorful Apartments Under 75 Square Meters

Have you ever decorated with vibrant primaries? They’re so much fun but they’re a little tricky to get right, especially within the context of a small apartment where there’s very little room to hide the details that don’t quite flow. Primary colors are bold, showy, and impossible to ignore wherever they’re used. This post examines […]

Ideas For White And Wood Dining Rooms

The dining table is more than just a place to sit down and take in a meal. It’s the place where families can relate their daily stories and struggles, where best friends laugh over fond memories, where a person can sit quietly in the morning to reflect over a cup of hot coffee. It’s one […]