3 Mar , 2016  

This month, I’ve teamed up with Hovis to celebrate today’s launch of their innovative new Hovis® Seed Sensations® Chia Bread, which is itself a partnership with The Chia Co, the world’s largest producer of sustainably farmed Chia seed. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d create a piece of Scandinavian food art! The Swedish sandwich cake, or ‘Smörgåstårta’ as we unpronounceably call it, is one of the most traditional national dishes I can think of, which captures my heritage and at the same time honours the great British love of sandwiches! With culinary roots dating back hundreds of years, it’s a real statement piece, something to exhibit (and then eat) when guests come round – you can really let your creativity go wild! Traditionally it’s made up of an array of wonderful fresh fish (which I love) and is smothered in mayonnaise (not my preference!). My alternative recipe here uses yoghurt and just a smidgeon of Organic Mayonnaise, which may sound bland but actually tastes superb! It also incorporates layers of the Chia Loaf as building blocks for the towering sandwich cake, as I am a bread fiend and actively embrace carbohydrates as part of my balanced macro approach to wellbeing! Click MORE to see the full recipe, along with a little video!


There really is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when making this dish and you can include any ingredients. Being pescatarian, I’ve only used fish for protein in mine alongside other ingredients that I think make for interesting textures and flavours – crunchy chopped peppers in the tuna mix, crispy salad leaves next to the salmon with a sprinkle of lemon and dill, the crunch of the chia seeds, soft crayfish and smooth avocado, as well as an egg layer with a touch horseradish and mustard to name but a few of my suggested ingredients. To decorate the outside, I used rocket and dill but you could also use crispy salad leaves. It’s always such a beautiful surprise when you cut into the sandwich cake and are greeted by sumptuous layers of colour!


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