3 Mar , 2016  

When I was 14 years old in Sweden, I stumbled across an enlightening article about dairy products and decided there-and-then that I simply didn’t need to consume as much of it! Fast forward to today in England and the supermarket shelves are stocked with countless milk alternatives to cater for the 5% of Brits who are lactose-intolerant along with those who’ve intentionally adopted a different approach. These substitutes are hewn from the likes of soya beans, rice, oats, hemp, hazelnuts and, perhaps the UK’s most popular according to Waitrose, Almond milk. Making your own version of the latter is the subject of today’s post; it’s ridiculously easy, takes no longer than 10 minutes and can save you money in your quest to eat healthily! Plus, you’ll also have peace of mind from knowing exactly what’s in your drink, and that you’re optimising the nutritional value to max!!!


Flavours & sweeteners?!?

Nature has done a great job of giving us non-artificial deliciousness! I think  you can supplement the taste profile of your home made almond milk quite easily, with just a tiny bit of extra work! The recipes below feature 3 different almond milk varieties with ‘twists’; the classic ‘plain’, a raw chocolate flavoured version & a fresh coconut tinged edition! When it comes to sweetening the almond milk I personally don’t think it needs it BUT if you have a bit of a sweet tooth I suggest adding dates, some vanilla pod/ vanilla extract, agave nectar or manuka honey. These options are all natural and rich in flavour so require very small portions (e.g. a couple of teaspoons of honey for each litre of almond milk you make!)


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