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Get back to square one with this hypnotizing line of coffee. With branding and packaging by Pop & Pac, the fun and engaging design possesses a spark that helps it stand out from the crowd.

“Introducing Square One Coffee Roasters. Having had the pleasure of working with the guys behind The Kettle Black on their award winning Melbourne cafe. We were then asked to develop a new brand for their Coffee Roastery and subsequent coffee packaging. Our design takes inspiration from the coffee’s origins, the coffee roasting process and also the distinctively unique flavour characteristics in their respective brews. Red for the Espresso blend, blue for single origin and green for filter.”
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The way that the colors and lines appear on Square One gives it a sense of movement. Keeping the look relatively simple, Pop & Pac avoids an overload of graphics and text, giving it a minimal and almost futuristic appearance. Using cylinders, instead of the traditional coffee bean bag or tin, helps make Square One Coffee Roasters appeal to adventurous coffee drinkers who want to try something different from what’s usually in their cup.
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